Sandy Musser - Adoption Reform Activist & Author
       Sandy's  Adoption Reform work began in 1976 soon after she joined the Adoption Forum of Philadelphia.  She  was the first Branch Coodinator of Concerned United Birthparents; is Charter/Lifetime member
of the American Adoption Congress; and served on the Board of the Int'l Soundex Reunion Registry (ISRR)
ShareDuring the 80's, Sandy founded: 
> The Adoption & Family Reunion Center
 (reuniting families separated by adoption;
>  Adoption Triangle Minstries
(distributing spiritual flyers written by triad members;
> The ALARM Network
(Advocating Legislation for the Adoption Reform Movement);  
all under the auspicious of
    Sandy's adoption activist work began in 1976, which was the year she joined the Adoption Forum of Phila.  That same year, Sandy was invited to speak to The Children's Bureau in Wilmington, DE  (pictured here) and asked to share her birthmother experience with social workers and adoptive parents.     Little did she  realize that many years later she would be sent to Federal Prison because of her strong dedication, commitment and determination to the cause of Adoption Reform.  
By standing firm and challenging the sealed adoption laws, and refusing to take a plea deal, Sandy was sent to Federal Prison in Marianna, FL on November 5, 1993 - 121 years to the day that Susan B. Anthony was sent to prison for attempting to get equal rights for women by having the audacity to attempt to cast a vote!  
Sandy's charge was "conspiracy to defraud the goverment of confidental information" in her work of reuniting families.  She turned down a liberal plea bargain because she believed that she was not guilty and that one cannot break a law that is illegal to start with.  By sealing adoption records during the 40's & 50's, the government was denying every adopted person their equal rights. 
The charge to the Jury consisted of 92 pages - O.J.'s was only 67!! Following her prison term, she was sentenced to two months house arrest, (with an electronic ankle device); then served 3 years probation.
Sandy was released in March 1994 - shown here celebrating with a few of her  birthmother friends. 
Though her rights were restored in 1997, she was no longer permitted to do search work and forced to close the Adoption & Family Reunion Center.
She is now retired, living in Florida
and raising a 7 year old great-grandson.
 The true story of Sandy's "Indecent Indictment" and
America's Adoption Travesty is told in her book
At the time this book was written, the Commissioner on Human Rights, Dennis DeLeon, said the following:
"The System is so blantantly unfair and discriminatory against adoptees that it is one of the great civil rights struggles ahead for our county. 
  I consider people like Sandy Musser to be the the civil rights pioneers for the adoption rights movement. People like her who are reconnecting families are people we should be celebrating."
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Sandy is also the author of
I Would Have Searched Forever
and What Kind of Love is This?
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 adoption activism work and her biography,
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