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ISRR - International Soundex Reunion Registry

ISRR is a mutal consent registry for persons desiring a reunion with next of kin. It serves the need for family members who have been separated by adoption, divorce, foster care, abandonment, etc. ISRR is not affliated with any other registry, organization or web site.   International Soundex Reunion Registry is a non-profit, tax-exempt,humanitarian agency founded in 1975 by Emma May Villardi.
 A song written & sung by Steve (Butch) Rillera on behalf of his wife Mary Jo (Marri) Rillera who was a birthmother and an adoptee. 
She passed away September 30, 2013 after devoting her entire life to reform.  
Search and Support for those separated by adoption
Concerned United Birthparents (CUB) 
A national organization founded in 1976 by Lee Campbell  
Canadian Council of Natural Mothers
Voices of Childrens Alliance
Adoption Reform Books / Films

Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA  byRichard Hill, 

Confessions of a Lost Mother by Elisa Barton 

Birthmark by Lorraine Dusky 

Stork Market by Mirah Riben 

Unlocking the Heart of Adoption - A film by Sheila Ganz
Baby Scoop Era
First Mother Forum
Family Preservation
Legally Kidnapped
Motherhood Deleted
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