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From the Forward by Reuben Pannon, MSW 
Co-Author of Adoption Triangle and Lethal Secrets

        "The Nuremberg Trials that followed World War II held that a person did not have to blindly obey laws that were unjust, but had a responsibiling to follow his own conscience.  One need only look at the leaders of our own civil rights movement led by people like Martin Luther King, who believed that unjust laws should be challenged.  In following her conscience in challenging sealed records in adoption, Sandy was actving for all of us whose lives are in any way touched by adoption."

To Prison With Love     After dedicating 20 years of her life to adoption reform and reuniting over 500 families, Sandy was indicted by the Federal Government and sent to federal prison.
By challenging the sealed adoption records law, 
she was charged  with "conspiracy to defraud the government of confidential information in her work
 of reuniting families."  She  threatened the status quo (sealed records), causing her adversaries to refer to her as a 'vigilante' and a 'terrorist' - and then set her up for a fall.  This is her story as to how the events unfolded .
The Charge to the Jury in her case was 92 pages long - O.J's was 67! 
To Prison With Love
"In all reform movements, there comes a time when individuals are called upon to stand strong in their beliefs . . . 
Musser demonstrates clearly the depth of her moral fiber 
in this book which is written from the heart."
                                                    Annette Baran, Author
I Would Have Searched Forever CoverI Would Have Search Forever
First written and published in 1979,
available as an e-book  
The first book to be written by a
birthmother who surrenered a child
for adoption during the early 50's and 
later searched and found her.
Updated ebook in 2013 now available 
on Amazon/Kindle for $4.99

What Kind of Love Is This?
A True Story of Adoption Reconciliation
(and the Need for Adoption Reform)
First published in 1982
Updated ebook in 2013 now available 
on Amazon/Kindle for $6.99

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